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Artist statement: While debating demanding topics such as race, religion, or war, it is simple enough to become polarized, and see situations in either black or white, right or wrong. These tactics may satisfy individuals whose position depends on employing policies or implementing strategies that promote specific agendas for a specific constituency. But as an artist, it is more important to create a platform that moves us past alliances, and begins a dialogue that informs, questions, and in some cases even satires our divisive issues. Without this type of introspection, we are in danger of having apathy rule our senses. We can easily succumb to a national mob mentality, and ignore individual accounts and memories. There has to be an intersection where body and place, memory and fact are merged to re-examine human interactions and cultural conditions to create a narrative that requires us to be present and profound. Bio: Rodney Ewing is a working artist living in San Francisco. He has been a resident of the Bay Area for the last 18 years, relocating after completing his undergraduate degree in printmaking at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, and Master’s degree at West Virginia University. As an artist, his drawings, installations, and mixed media works focus on his need to intersect body and place, memory and fact, to re-examine human histories, cultural conditions, and events. As an art educator, he has six years of experience teaching youth in such diverse environments as West Oakland, San Francisco, and the West Bank of Palestine. He also teaches 2D at California College of Art (CCA). This fondness and ability to work in varied surroundings stems from living abroad with his military family in the United Kingdom and the Philippines, amongst other domestic locations. Rodney’s philosophy for teaching art has always been about engaging the students in assignments that not only involve building creative skills, but also work that involves critical thinking because art can be an instrument for more than just creating aesthetically appealing objects, but also for engaging social issues.

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