Days and Occassions: How do we live? We exist simultaneously between seconds that can be apocalyptic and graceful, minutes that are mediocre, and hours that stand still. We rest on legacies of unsettled boundaries and stolen territories. Our identities have been mistaken, assumed, and in some cases, purchased.  History records these occurrences, outlined in ink, pressed between pages in books, placed above us, and out of reach. But this tradition cannot truly document our experiences. We are flesh and bone, and our memories and stories beloved. “Days and Occasions” involved recording our experiences as they occur between the seconds, minutes, hours, and days of our existence. The purpose of the piece is to view time and moments as simultaneous constructs that are shared, instead of linear pieces that are less intimate. The title is taken from a collection of poems by Octavio Paz.

“Days and Occasions”  2006.    Graphite on wood. 10′ X 6′

"Days and Occasions #1" 2006 Graphite on paper.

"Days and Occasions #2" 2006 Graphite on paper.