Artwork: PUBLIC SAFETY – DISARM (targets) series

These five images are from the "Disarm" section of my exhibition "Public Safety". These works based on target silhouettes are targets are normally contain information to gauge accuracy with a firearm. The targets are characterized as featureless bodies. I also use this technique, but instead of being marked by reference points for gun fire, these targets contain messages for the viewer/shooter based in poetic empathy or reflection. All are Dry Pigment on Paper.


For Bailey


Anatomy Lesson

“Disarm” 2007. Target series.  All above Dry pigment, permanent marker, sumi ink, and transfer lettering on paper.

"Lullaby" 2008. Dry pigment, cut wood, marker and transfer lettering.

"Self Defense Lessons: Thug #1" 2006. Dry pigment and permanent marker on paper.