Artwork: PORT CHICAGO series

Port Chicago: “The Measure of Being”, “The Rituals of Water”, “No God in This Machine” 2010

This is the first of three works addressing the incident of Port Chicago. The images of the heads that is utilized in all three images is a section from a diagram comparing "negro" skulls to that of monkeys. I have eliminated that portion of the diagram, focusing only on the measurement aspect. The text "other being equal, others remain the same", refers to the responsibility and conditions that these men were placed under; continue to work bravely, expect nothing in return.

The second of the three works about Port Chicago, reflects a baptism scene. The individuals are looking up toward the sky as if they are asking for assistance, but they are communicating a message in morse code "Am I not a man, am I not your brother". A phrase featured in 18th century abolitionist literature, that unfortunately still resounded during WWII.

The last of the three works in reference to the treatment that a group of African America sailors that perished and those who refused to return to work after an ordinance explosion during WWII. The sailors safety and civil rights were disregarded before the explosion, and after the situation, declined even more. This piece refers to the machine that simultaneously offers a hand of opportunity and disdain.

All works in this series: Dry Pigment and Permanent marker on paper.